Jantrakakikaki Jakarta

Actually it is my first experience to be here in Jantrakakikaki Lebak Bulus to fix the old mazda 323. One word for services in Jantraka: "Excellent". Pros: - good, professional, neat, and reliable mechanics - reasonable cost - provide a comfortable waiting room - supported by IT as customers can do an online reservation, 'what an innovation!' - provide discounts

Pelayanannya baik , pengerjaannya juga bagus , hasil pengerjaannya juga sangat memuaskan

Sugeng Sulastiono

Bengkel khusus kaki kaki yg mengerjakan rekondisi dg sangat profesional dan teknisi yg qualified dan sangat cekatan.



Most professional “bengkel kaki-kaki” ever! Excellent service combine good quality. I recommend this workshop to solved your car feets problem.